Personal Relocation Manager

Laser International Transportation provides a comprehensive and simplified relocation process. Each client will be in primary contact with a Laser representative from start to finish. You will always be fully informed about pricing policies, service capabilities and destination requirements. When you’re ready and set for your relocation, this same representative will coordinate everything from the pick-up process all the way through to final delivery.

Start With A Free Estimate

We can arrange either a free in-home or video survey to properly estimate the parameters of your shipment. No obligations. Or, you can request an online quote and fill out the necessary fields via this very site.


Receive Your Free Quote

After gathering the necessary information, we’ll promptly send over an electronic, door-to-door quote tailored to your specific needs.

Reserve A Date

Book 3-4 weeks in advance so we can focus our resources on your scheduled relocation! We’ll assist you with time zone and cross-country barriers to set your expectations.

Pack And Move

Create a packing plan with one of our managers. We will provide all of the necessary materials and workmanship to ensure everything is loaded and protected properly.

agent deals moving process


All aspects of transportation will be arranged to make for not only the safest, but most expedient shipping process possible. Multiple modes of transportation are sometimes available , so be sure to check with your Relocation Manager on transit options.

forklift in the storage

Destination Services

Upon arrival, your shipment will undergo the necessary Customs clearance proceedings. In which, our exclusive partners will help you through, every step of the way.


After Customs clearance, final delivery arrangements will be made and confirmed. Your shipment will be brought to your new home and will be unloaded, unpacked and checked against the initial inventory to verify a successful delivery.