Progressive Storage Solutions

Whenever there are storage needs, be it short-term storage or long term storage, we offer simple solutions. Our storage warehouses are ready throughout the delivery process. With storage insurances tailor-made for all, storing your belongings doesn’t have to be stressful. This speaks volumes of our dedicated service. After all, we are your trusted goods and automobile transporters. Our clientele is based on referrals, and we are grateful for that reputation as one of the leading moving companies and storage companies in the relocation industry.

With international relocation, it’s sometimes impractical to bring all your possessions with you. There may come a time when you have to prioritize. But, don’t toss your belongings just yet.  Our storage options can house your excess goods for future use or re-selling. We have different storage containers to meet your needs from short-term to long-term storage.


Storage Capacity

Our transportation warehouses are furnished for storage of goods at anytime of the delivery process. These facilities are secured and designed to keep goods from decay, infestation, and harsh temperatures that can decrease their value. As your storage company, we will secure your goods in wooden crates that can’t be accessed until delivery.

forklift in storage

Short Term Vs. Long Term Storage

Short-term storage is often availed by private clients who are either looking for a new property overseas, doing a renovation, or still negotiating property ownerships. Also, those who are still looking for a permanent storage often choose that option.  On the other hand, long-term storage is often used by corporate clients. Assets such as furnitures, antiquities, and other high-value items are stored to increase their market value through time.

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Warehouse Handling

We carefully place goods into sealed crates inside the warehouse. We use mechanical equipments such as a forklift and pallet jack to ensure that your goods are in a safe position and are protected from damage and harmful elements.

Storage Insurance

The first 120 days of storage insurance is included in the base price of all insurance policies. Storage insurance premiums beyond 120 days will require additional monthly premiums.

Delivery Out

Stored goods that are for delivery out of storage will need to be declared in advance. Additional fees may then be incurred by the client based on the intended destination.