Insured Protection

Although we’ll take extra precaution in safekeeping your goods and automobiles,  some risks involved in transit are always present. Your ordinary automobile insurance/equipment insurance provider might not include the coverage you need most.  You know your valuables mean more to us than taking the risks, so we offer another layer of protection through our moving insurances and storage insurance.

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Replacement Insurance

This insurance will pay for any lost or damaged goods during the whole relocation process. Although there is an assigned amount of coverage, your goods are protected for their value. We offer two options: First, the Umbrella (Lump Sum) Policy, which will provide coverage based on weight. The overall shipment value is $10.00 USD per pound. The second one is the Valued Inventory Policy, which is based on a declared list given by the client. The said list shall include all shipment items with their corresponding replacement value.

Automobile Insurance

Automobiles are valuable assets that can be protected by a shipping insurance/transportation insurance. Being so, they are insured separately from household goods at the current market value. Several references and sources can provide a fair market value to determine the coverage of your automobile insurance. Depending on your chosen shipping insurance/transportation insurance plans, your automobile can have limited or full coverage (see terms and conditions).

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Storage Insurance

Our storage insurance division assigned to storage clients also offer second-line protection. Even with standards-approved storage facilities and containers, one cannot stop forces of nature such as earthquake, tornado, and other catastrophes from suddenly taking effect. You can get a storage insurance (see terms and conditions) to complement your personal protective needs! The first 120 days of storage insurance are included in the base price of all insurance policies. On the other hand, storage insurance premiums beyond 120 days will require additional monthly premiums.