Coordinated Logistics 

We understand how important your belongings are. That’s why we provide trustworthy and loyal moving services. Our expert movers are detailed and will coordinate the process from start to finish.  We were clients ourselves, and therefore, we know how delicate and important this process can be.  Laser International Transportation is an exclusive international mover with the transportation logistics you need. We’ll make it a positive experience and care for your beloved belongings.


All Equipment Provided

We provide all the labor and material for loading the Ocean Container, Truck or Lift Van. We bring the necessary equipment to your residence to complete the move.Our dedicated crew are prepared and reliable. Whether truck or lift van, we’ll deliver your belongings safely and on-time.

Delivery Methods And Services

We have the capability to relocate goods via ocean, air or ground. Ocean shipments are designed for clients relocating out of North America. Air shipments are designed for expedited small shipments and ground transportation is designed for shipments to Canada and Mexico. Delivery is not completed until your goods are unpacked, unwrapped and removed of debris. These are international standards that we believe are best practices for the moving industry.

delivery van on parking
man in the storage

Packing Made Easy

Packing boxes, wrapping furniture, and crate packaging, can be overwhelming.  You will be assigned a Laser coordinator to manage that for you. We offer various packing boxes such as a Book Box (1.5 Cubic Feet, Hanging Wardrobe (10 Cubic Feet) and to Mattress Carton Box (50 Cubic Feet).

Guaranteed Protection

We’re ready with protective equipments such as furniture wraps and pads to ensure the safety of your valued goods. Our long-haul movers will secure them from the vulnerable points down to the last corner. As your moving company, we see to it that your goods are scratch-free upon delivery.

storage boxes
storage box ready for delivery

Detailed Inventory

Your project manager will assist you at the new location, segregating the high-value items from others. We’ll make a detailed inventory of your goods for customs clearance and/or insurance.

Custom Wood Crating

We offer custom wood crating for items requiring special care. Typically, these items are Flat Screen TV’s, Glass, Piano’s, Motorcycles and High Valued Art Work or Artifacts.

couple signing transaction
man pushing cart for delivery