Superior Automotive Transportation

Automobile transportation meets superior standards at Laser International Transportation. Our cross-country transportation is based on our vast experience. We ship different vehicles each day and have a network of movers to make you feel at ease from pickup to delivery.

Although it seems daunting, we make transporting cars, trucks, vans, buses, and heavy equipments internationally, a simple and realistic task.  Laser International Transportation is your car carrier and shipping experts.

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Ocean Container

We provide car shipping services through our trusted ocean vessels. Your automobiles and even household goods will then be loaded into ocean containers. We have the 40’ container and the 20’ container for big and small shipments.

Car Carrier Service

This automobile transportation is offered with the ports of U.S. and Canada as destination. If you plan on traveling across the country, such car carrier service relieves you from long hours of driving. There are also different container dimensions to cater to different types of automobile.

Roll On And Off Car Shipping

Automobiles are driven onto a ship and driven off to a destination port using platform vehicles. During car shipping,  your automobile will remain stock-still until arrival.  You can then choose to pick it up personally or to have it delivered to your place.

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General Automobile Guidelines:


Compliance And Condition


Declaration And Weight


Ownership And Insurance